Million I Balls

Anuja Sachdeva


Anuja Sachdeva’s more than a decade long involvement with theatre and entertainment, has seen her explore different genres as a designer, actor, writer and director, giving her a 360 degree perspective of the creative and entertainment field. Today, this multi-faceted experience comes together in the form of Million I- Balls, and has been successful in bringing together the most talented people, and being a part of her team.

Amit Sidhwani


Late Mr. Amit Sidhwani was a pure Salesman. His more than 15 years of experience in “SELLING” various products and services, Amit was a master in understanding customer psychology. Amit knew exactly how to get your Prospects/Clients married to your brand by creating experience, which gives them encapturing ecstacy. Apart from “Millions”, Amit loved “More” and this love for “MORE” spread in his work as his only intentions were to generate “MORE” Millions for your company.

Though he is no more amongst us, but he will always remain an integral part of Million I Balls’ success and foundation.